Nessa McManus


As a seasoned traveller who has trekked many roads in my life and taken many paths, each place has brought with it new wisdom, and usually a new recipe! I’ve enjoyed food as a uniting force across culture and language and made friends and memories for life. I’ve been gifted with the love of food and I want to spread that love far and wide.

Having spent 20+ years in the corporate world, last year I had a party and cooked an Asian feast. A friend, Alma who hadn’t eaten my food previously was really impressed and sighed “oh how I wish I could produce a meal like this at home”. Spiced with Love was conceived. 

Cooking has been a constant source of pleasure in my life. No matter the mood, when I open my spice cabinet and get that funky smell my mind is cleared of everything but what delights I may be able to produce today. That little ‘mmm…’ from friends and family when we sit to eat is a feeling of accomplishment that never gets old. I want to bring that ‘mmm…’ into your home and I believe I can, no matter your tolerance for heat. Whether you’re a chili junkie or have sensitive tastebuds, I will have fresh healthy hand blended spice kits to suit you.