Debut of Butter Chicken

Birr Vintage Week and I ventured into my first market with Butter Chicken. 

I shared a space with Birr Community Growery and Wild Food Mary - what a great time we had.

Mary had her delicious fudge, jams, conserves and of course her wild liquors. Krissy made delicious gluten free cakes and delicious lemon meringue cakes. Eimhin provided loads of freshly harvested veges and herbs. 

It was my first market and I learnt so much. I had a slow cooker full of butter chicken and spend the days giving out samples and chatting about spices and cooking (my happy place). I "fed" more than 200 servings including a couple of little girls who kept coming back for more as they waited for the parade to start. 

Onwards and upwards from here........