Mediterranean Menu @ your home

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Main Courses Samples (choice of one)

  1. Chorizo and Prawn pasta in Spicy tomato sauce with herbs, chilli.

  2. Wild mushroom and barley risotto (rich and buttery - definitely not diet food!)

  3. Tomato sauce (spicy or not) with meatballs; prawns; chicken; etc. served with pasta

  4. Spanish smoky paprika chicken stew served with couscous, green beans or spinach

  5. Spinach and ricotta cannelloni

  6. Prawn linguini with rocket

  7. Tuscan Bean Soup

Sides  (choice of one)

  1. Garlic Bread with fresh butter and parsley (will be pre-made)

  2. Bruschetta is freshly prepared with toasted bread, fresh tomatoes, herbs, extra virgin olive oil

  3. Caprese Salad with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese with fresh basil, oil and balsamic vinegar

  4. Green herby salad with dressing