A typical Sri Lankan meal consists of  steamed rice, a chicken/fish curry with dahl and vegetarian dish and pappadams or roti. I have developed this menu following my visit there. I hope you love the flavours of Sri Lanka as much as I do. It's a lovely combination of Thai (use of coconut milk and lemon grass) and Indian. 

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Main sample Menu

1.     Chicken Curry

2.     Blackened Pork Curry

3.     Prawn Curry

4.     Vegetarian Curry

5.     Sour Fish Curry

Sides sample Menu

1.   Dahl (Parippu)

2.   Sambol (carrot and coconut)

3.   Beetroot Curry

4.   Green beans curry or courgette curry

5.   Homemade Roti

Desserts on request