Do you love entertaining but dislike all the preparation and cooking?
Would you like to setup a supper club to learn about and cook different cuisines?
Let me come to your home and show you a few of my tricks!

I'm on a mission to test my whole line of spice kits, and to launch my business by reaching out to my customers.   I wondered how best to showcase Spice with Love's versatility as well as its easy fulfillment benefits.   

I've noticed that supper clubs are becoming very popular and so I decided to test-drive the Spiced with Love supper clubs. It means I get to bring the joy of my spice kits and recipes straight to your door and share my love of food with you. You get to enjoy tasty food with friends and family without the hassle.

All food will be freshly cooked in your home; all preparation work is done in mine!  Check out these sample menus...

Mediterranean Menu
Indian Menu
Sri Lanka Menu

Thai Menu

No additives or preservatives are in the ingredients, and every dish is brought to life with my spices. Your level of involvement is up to you: You can either participate by helping to prepare, or simply relax, observe and enjoy a glass of wine with your friends. In addition, all recipes are distributed so that you can spread the joy and demonstrate your new skills on another day.

We are hoping to spread our enthusiasm, pride, and delight in my uniquely formulated spice kits.

We are anticipating some great evenings ahead, but for me, I look forward to not only meeting with you, but gaining your feedback and impressions of my products.  To me, it makes for a win-win scenario!  

Contact me so that we can chat about the possibilities, and maybe schedule a night of fun from as little as €25 per head!