Thai Menu @ your home

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Main Course Sample Options (choice of one)

1.       Thai Chicken and Prawn with cashews served with rice

2.       Chicken Khao Sui – a coconut noodle spicy curry

3.       Prawn and/or chicken Laksa – a rich coconut fishy spicy soup with noodles

4.       Chicken and noodles Tom Yum (hot and sour soup)

5.       Thai Beef Salad

6.       Guy Pad Prik Gaeng – chicken cooked in red curry paste with lime leaves and rice

7.       Thai Green Curry with chicken or fish served with rice

Salads (choice of one)

1.     Green papaya and green mango salad (subject to availability)

2.     Cucumber salad with peanuts

3.     Som Tam – Green Papaya salad (subject to availability)

4.     Yam Manguang – Green mango salad

5.     Thai style Green salad

6.     Thai noodle salad

If you have a favourite dish that isn’t listed, please contact