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Think a trip around the world is out of your price range?  
It's not. Spiced with Love’s kits are the ticket to an exotic taste sensation for global palates, or for those spice-curious.

We locate the best spices on the market, and then roast and grind them by hand to extract the best flavour.  Our kits provide you with a quick list of everything you'll need: instructions to bring your dish from the initial stages of preparation, to spicing liberally with verve, and serving with dollops of love.   Never worry again about balancing flavours or questionable ingredients from a jar.  Simply pick up a Spiced with Love kit today and enjoy a healthy dinner the way it was meant to be enjoyed—with joy, laughter and great taste. 

We'd love to find out about you and what you like. If you'd like to help me understand, we'd love if you could complete this questionnaire.

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